November 2016 Wrap Up!


November was a funny oul month! It flew in like most months these days. I know a lot happened for me, but as I sit here and write this wrap up I’m finding it difficult to actually remember most of it! As always I read some great books and I discovered some new authors for myself. Don’t you just love when that happens! I also decided to add in some non-fiction books to my reviews, like cookbooks and what not cause really why not!

We got the final Book in Chelsea Camaron’s Hellions Ride Series. Wow I remember reading the first in the series. It was sad reading the last page but I look forward to Chelsea’s new stuff.

Also we had a Thanksgiving holiday read from one of my favouirte authors right now Jessica Gadziala. It was a little outside Jessica’s normal book type but again I loved it and it was very refreshing to read. The links to all these book reviews are below.

Anyway what books did you enjoy this month? Did you discover any new authors? if you need share the love…. Continue reading


November Cookbooks

This month I came across some pretty cool cookbooks and it renewed my love of reading them. I love a good cookbook. I find that sitting down with a nice cup of tea and a good cookbook can relax you to no end. Browsing the pages full of yummy foods and pretty pictures can make an hour pass by in a blur. I’ve decided every month I’ll post a few that i really love and let you all see what recipes I’m trying. This month I’m loving two cookbooks that are inspired by TV problems which makes me doublely happy!

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Feeding Hannibal: A Connoisseur’s Cookbook

by Janice Poon

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