Top 5 New Books In 2018 You’ll love If Your A Fan Of Harry Potter


Harry Potter Book Night, the most magical night of the year, returns on Thursday 1st February 2018  and to celebrate I’m giving you a list of some fantastic new release this year that you will love if you were a fan of Harry Potter. Would love to hear what you think of my list!

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Top 5 Books To Get You In The Mood For Stranger Things Season 2

Top 5 Stranger things

Top 5 Books To Get You In The Mood For Stranger Things Season 2

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My Top 5 Best High School Movies

I think with my choice of Top 5 Best High School Movies I’m going to be giving away my age big time! It was so hard to pick just five to be honest, there is just so many brilliant movies to choice from. But alas I did pick five, let me know what your top five are and what you think of the movies I choice.


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Top 5 Sunday: New Years Resolutions

Today is my first Top 5 Sunday. This is one of the new things I’m going to be doing on my blog in the future. I will try do it ever week. But you know yourself life can get in the way! I’m going to be doing my Top 5 new year resolutions! Ek 5 of them I know but sure….

Number 1

Blog more then just books.

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