August 2017 Wrap Up!

Again another god awful month for me personal and I’m suprised I got what reading I did do, done! But I got a good few great reads in before things started going to crap. Let me know if you read any of these fantastic reads and what you thought of them. I’m hoping I get my groove back in September. I love September, not only is it Autumn but my birthday is in September so I always love this month.

August Wrap up

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May 2017 Wrap Up!


Yes it’s that time of the month again; this is my wrap up from May. I’ve read some really fantastic books this month. I’ve started winding down on the amount of Arcs I’m doing and reading more for myself. This will mean I will also be cutting down on review blog posts but don’t worry I have some other ideas that I’ve already started rolling out. I’ve got so much on in m y personal life that I don’t want to commit to arcs and not be able to get to them I just wouldn’t feel right ab out this. But I will still be going for authors I love and books that catch my eye, so don’t worry there will be some rocken reviews just not as many. Anyway hope you all had a great month of books and sure let me know what caught your eye this month.


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March 2017 Wrap Up


What a month! Do I say that every month? Hmm I wonder…

Anyway I had a crazy month, I had so many books to read and not only that I had loads on with work and My sister was home from Australia for Paddy’s week. Towards the end of the month I got a really bad chest infection and some personal stuff go on. Sure by the end of the month I felt so drained. With all that going on it was a wonder I got anything read. But I found the time and read some amazing books. I also have two amazing cookbooks on my list this month as well. Highly recommend them. Let me know what you think and if you’ve read any of the books on my list. I’d love to hear your thoughts!



The Cad and The Co-Ed by Penny Reid & L.H. Cosway

5 Rugger Stars on Goodreads

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