August 2016 Wrap Up!

I had so much going on this month Personal wise. My mam was rushed to hospital and had emergency surgery and my father in law had a stroke. We spent most of the month working or in hospitals. It was tough going. But I managed to read 9 books and for me that's right on... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Stealing Taffy (Bigler, North Carolina #3) by Susan Donovan

Stealing Taffy (Bigler, North Carolina #3) by Susan Donovan Release Date: 30/08/16 Ten weeks in a swanky Arizona rehab center has done wonders for Tanyalee Newberry. She’s turning over a new leaf – no more manipulating men, shoplifting, or forgery for her! But when her flight home gets rerouted in bad weather, she ends up... Continue Reading →

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