Review: Striker (No Prisoners MC #1) by Lilly Atlas

Striker (No Prisoners MC #1) by Lilly Atlas Dr. Lila Emerson is finally free of the shadow of her politically connected family, with her new job in a small town Emergency Room. But her new peace is shattered when she encounters the dangerous, but compelling Striker. He's everything she should stay away from, but all... Continue Reading →


Review: Raging Heart On (Lucas Brothers #2) by Jordan Marie

Raging Heart On (Lucas Brothers #2) by Jordan Marie Her biological clock is a ticking time bomb. He’s got the tool it takes to get the job done…And then some.  Kayla: Life has never been great. If not for White Lucas and his family, I might have been on the streets. They showed me what... Continue Reading →

Review: Capture (Elements of Chemistry #3) by Penny Reid

Capture (Elements of Chemistry #3) by Penny Reid One week. Manhattan apartment. Super-hot ex-boyfriend. …What’s the worst that could happen? It’s been nine months since Kaitlyn Parker has seen or heard from Martin Sandeke—nine months and five stages of matter. She’s lived through the worst of first-love heartbreak, and is most certainly stronger (and less... Continue Reading →

Review: Attraction (Elements of Chemistry #1) by Penny Reid

Attraction (Elements of Chemistry #1) by Penny Reid One week. Private beach. Invisible girl. Jerk-faced bully. What’s the worst that could happen? Kaitlyn Parker has no problem being the invisible girl, which is why she finds herself hiding in various cabinets and closets all over her college campus. Despite her best efforts, she can’t escape... Continue Reading →

Review: Keto Slow Cooker & One-Pot Meals by Martina Šlajerová

Keto Slow Cooker & One-Pot Meals by Martina Šlajerová Keto Slow Cooker & One-Pot Meals packs 100 high-fat, low-carb keto recipes! Enjoy quick, tasty dinners as you get healthy, lose weight, and control your blood sugar. Slow cooker and one-pot meals are the ultimate convenience food. Just fix it and forget it, then enjoy a nourishing meal when... Continue Reading →

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