Review: Hyde and Seek (Hyde #1) by Layla Frost

Hyde and Seek (Hyde #1) by Layla Frost Piper Skye is rock ‘n’ roll. She’s party all night, sleep all day. She’s get wild and be free. Or she would be if she had the time. And the energy. And not being so awkward would probably help, too. As the owner of a thriving dessert... Continue Reading →

Review: Until Nox (Hyde #3) by Layla Frost

Until Nox (Hyde #3) by Layla Frost Not all heroes are good guys. With a body count on his soul and blood on his hands, Killian Nox lived in the gray. Ruthlessly single-minded, if he wanted something, it was his. And when it came to the gorgeous lass with a fiery attitude, he didn’t just... Continue Reading →

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