Day 135 of 365 days of 2019

135/365 If you suffer from allergies or you have any type of eczema on on your eyes this eyecream is amazing I couldn't recommend it highly enough. It's probably one of the only eyecreams that you can put all over your eyelid and if you have dry patches it clears it up so quickly. #day135... Continue Reading →

Day 37 of 365 days of 2019

37/365 With my Rosacea I've had to really think twice about what I put on my skin. I went and got a @larocheposayuki foundation it's got spf 30 but it's not quite my colour so I have to mix a little lighter shade with it. But that's ok. #day37 #365daysof2019 #elles365days2019 #larocheposay #beauty #skincare #rosacea... Continue Reading →

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