Day 140 of 365 days of 2019

140/365 Last ever episode of Game of Thrones, let's be having ya! #day140 #365daysof2019 #elles365days2019 #got #gameofthrones #GOTMonday #mondaytv #home #sittingroom #relaxing 50Shadeofelle Real Tasty Pages on Social Media! Goodreads Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest SnapChat

Game of Thrones Final Season Premiere Date! Game of Thrones will return with its final six episodes on Sunday, April 14. The new teaser trailer shows the remaining Starks -- Jon, Sansa and Arya walking through the family's underground crypt and coming face to face with their own statues before the ominous threat of winter creeps toward them. Ek I'm so excited... I really... Continue Reading →

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