Day 37 of 365 days of 2019

37/365 With my Rosacea I've had to really think twice about what I put on my skin. I went and got a @larocheposayuki foundation it's got spf 30 but it's not quite my colour so I have to mix a little lighter shade with it. But that's ok. #day37 #365daysof2019 #elles365days2019 #larocheposay #beauty #skincare #rosacea... Continue Reading →

Is it Really worth it…

So I know when I read reviews from certain beauty bloggers I can be a littleĀ hesitantĀ as a lot of bloggers these days get paid to post and review certain products. This puts me off really believing in certain products. I bought the below products myself and I'm being honest here. The products I'm posting below... Continue Reading →

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