Day 132 of 365 Days of 2019

132/365 Its been awhile but I treated myself to some make up last week and today. These are mostly summer shades. The @cosmeticsobsessionofficial bronzer/highlighter is the bomb and I love @hudabeauty so I've started introducing more of their products into my collection. @catricecosmeticsireland have these new Metallic liquid eyeshadows and this one has a kinda... Continue Reading →

Review: Fix It Up by Jessica Gadziala

Fix It Up by Jessica Gadziala Published May 2018 “The chance of a lifetime. With one little catch.” All Brinley Spears has ever dreamed about since she completed design school four years ago was getting noticed. By the right people. By the right companies. Anyone who could finally help launch her career onto a new... Continue Reading →

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