Review: Battles of the Broken by Anne Malcom

Battles of the Broken (Sons of Templar MC #6) by Anne Malcom Published August 27th 2018 Souls are interesting things. Not something you can prove you possess. Not something that can be measured, like a heartbeat. But something that can be destroyed by the absence of a heartbeat. No, you cannot prove you possess a... Continue Reading →

The Fall of V (The Henchmen MC #13) by Jessica Gadziala

The Fall of V (The Henchmen MC #13) by Jessica Gadziala Published June 2018 Navesink Bank's biggest b!tch finally gets what is coming to her.  They knew she was going to strike back for taking down her empire, for imprisoning her for years. All those years stuck in a cell gave her a lot of... Continue Reading →

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