Review: The Woman in the Back Room (Costa Family #2) by Jessica Gadziala

The Woman in the Back Room (Costa Family #2) by Jessica Gadziala He hadn’t planned on being a part of the Family. Life had thrown a curve at him at a young age that made him reevaluate his path in life. And he chose out. But when tragedy strikes, awakening the need for revenge, he... Continue Reading →

Review: The Grumpy Player Next Door by Pippa Grant

The Grumpy Player Next Door by Pippa Grant An enemies-to-lovers / sports / grumpy-sunshine / neighbor romance I, Tillie Jean Rock, am not in love with my brother’s teammate. Sure, he might have those biceps and that “I am the grouchiest of grouchy bears” smolder, and he might shovel snow off his driveway next door... Continue Reading →

Review: I Pucking Love You (The Copper Valley Thrusters #5) by Pippa Grant

I Pucking Love You (The Copper Valley Thrusters #5) by Pippa Grant A hockey/fake date/not-quite-a-virgin very wrong romantic comedy You know those stories where an adorably misunderstood clumsy girl needs a fake date to a wedding so she asks her brother’s best friend and they accidentally fall in love? I wish that was the kind... Continue Reading →

Review: Fake (West Hollywood #1) by Kylie Scott

Fake (West Hollywood #1) by Kylie Scott He walks the red carpet. She’s more familiar with vacuuming one. When a scandal tarnishes the reputation of hot as hell A-lister, Patrick Walsh, he needs a reputation rescue, pronto. Enter waitress Norah Peers–a nobody who’s average with a capital A. She’s available, dependable, and has sworn off... Continue Reading →

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