8 Things I’ve learnt in November 2018

I love a good glazed doughnut! Krispy Kreme's are Glazed crack to me! That is all I will say on that haha It’s all fair in love and blogging! If you don't fit the norm in the blogging or book blogging world you don't get a look in. Blogging can be a very lonely experience... Continue Reading →

Say Goodbye to these Titles on Netflix in November 2018

Here's a look of some Titles of what’s scheduled to leave Netflix throughout November 2018. They've lost some high profile shows in the last few months mainly because of Netflix original content. What will you miss? November 1st Amelie (2001) Bad Trips Abroad (1 Season) Beauty and the Beach (1 Season) Berserk: The Golden Age Arc I – The... Continue Reading →

New Netflix Shows To Give You Plenty Of Options For These Cold Winter Nights

Some amazing new shows been added on Netflix the last couple of weeks. I've been sucked into a few and what I've watched I've loved. Below are my picks that will give you plenty of options for these cold nights running into Winter. https://youtu.be/U2WK7PjeVYs Brainchild (Season 1) Netflix Original From germs and emotions to social media and... Continue Reading →

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