Review: The Woman from the Past (Grassi Family #4) by Jessica Gadziala

The Woman from the Past (Grassi Family, #4)The Woman from the Past (Grassi Family #4) by Jessica Gadziala

Four years ago, my boyfriend was killed by an unknown assailant, sending my entire life into a tailspin.
After years of suffering with no end in sight, I did the unthinkable.
I tracked down the man who’d killed my boyfriend – a mafia hitman from some place called Navesink Bank.
And I asked him for his help…


4 Massimo Stars

The Woman from the Past is the fourth book in the Grassi Family series. It is time for Massimo story an d oh it didn’t disappoint. He was such a sweetie pie for a hit man! His past6 has caught up with him and a job that was supposed to be straight forward turns many lives up side down.

Cammie is caught and can’t seem to get out. She has everything in her life decided for her from her hair to her food. She has decided to do anything that she has to, to get herself free. Even track down her ex boyfriends killer.

This was such a nice easy read but there was a lot of down time and it could have had a little more oomph to it at times. But still a great read.

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