Review: Remy (Golden Glades Henchmen MC #4) by Jessica Gadziala

Remy (Golden Glades Henchmen MC, #4)

Remy (Golden Glades Henchmen MC #4) by Jessica Gadziala

She’d never thought she would meet the hottest guy she’d ever seen while in the middle of committing a crime.

As far as meet-cutes went, it was certainly a unique one.

She also didn’t suspect she would ever see him again.
You know, until that little crime she’d been committing ended up becoming a bigger mess than she could handle on her own.

And since she wasn’t, by nature, a criminal, she had no choice but to turn to one to help her…


4 Intense Stars

Remy’s story is the fourth book in the Golden Glades Henchmen MC Series by Jessica Gadziala.

His story was just what I needed to get myself out of a major book slump. Remy is someone we’ve heard and read before; he is intense and has a huge heart when it comes to animals. While walking back from a hook up that didn’t work out, he stumbles across a figure all dressed in black looking to be up to no good. Curious he follows said figure and falls upon a Woman trying to do good but getting in a lot of trouble doing it.

Violence for the sake of violence was never acceptable. But violence to protect someone who could not protect themselves? That sort of seemed okay to me.

Lark has a love for Dogs and when she discovers a dog ring, she must do anything she can to stop it. But she may not have thought things through and gets stuck up the creak without a paddle and needs help. Remy is the first person she thinks to go too.

I loved this book, and it was just what I needed. As always, the secondary characters help make the book brilliant and I highly recommend this book and series.

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