Review: Famous in a Small Town by Kylie Scott

Famous in a Small Town

Famous in a Small Town by Kylie Scott

What chance does a small-town girl have with a world-famous rock star?

Two years after his wife’s death, rock star Garrett Hayes hasn’t moved on. But he has moved out of L.A. Where better to escape his past than a small town in the Northern California mountains? If only he could get the townsfolk of Wildwood to leave him the hell alone.

Ani Bennet returned to her hometown for some much-needed serenity. The last thing she needs is a grumpy, too hot for his own good, rich and famous rock star living next door—and rent-free in her brain.

She set her fangirl tendencies aside and deleted his photo off her cell when they became neighbors. But when Garrett asks for help, she can’t say no. The problem is, spending time together is making those fangirl feelings resurface—and bringing them to a whole new level.

What chance does a small-town girl have with world-famous rock star? It’s time for Ani to set her fears aside and find out.


3.5 Small Town Stars

Famous in A Small Town is the new book from Kylie Scott. I’m a huge lover of her books and of course I dove on this one. Although this was an enjoyable read it wasn’t what I’m used to from Scott.

“Seems we’re both working on getting past somethings. Guess I’m interested to see if breaking your no-dating rule is one of those things.”

A grieving music star moves next door to a super nervous woman who is happy living her quiet life with close friends and her small town. When they meet they end up bonding and becoming fast friends thgat develops into more.

I didn’t personally think this was super convincing, I just didn’t feel them together romantically and it all felt very rushed. They worked great at friends but that was it foe me.

Was this enjoyable? Yes Did meet this mark of previous books by Kylie Scott for me? No. But it did have a host of amazing secondary characters that I would defiantly love to hear their stories.

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