Review: The Woman with the Scar (Costa Family #3) by Jessica Gadziala

The Woman with the Scar (Costa Family Book 3)

The Woman with the Scar (Costa Family #3) by Jessica Gadziala

He was not the kind of man meant to fall in love. He was the proud enforcer of the Costa Family who perhaps enjoyed the violent, bloody parts of his job a bit too much.
All that changed, though, when he was put on a job that had him crossing paths with a woman who changed everything.

She was not the kind of woman to have hope. The life she found herself trapped in had very little to look forward to.
Until a dark figure turned up and showed her a way out.


5 Enforcer Stars

The Woman with the Scar is the third book in the Costa Family series by Jessica Gadziala. Brio is an enforcer with the Costa Family. He can be violent, scary and is most definitely a psychopath but underneath all that there is a heart of gold that likes to gift homeless animals to his friends kids.

Ezmeray married a man to help her family, she’s not stuck in a marriage from hell and doesn’t see light at the end of it all. Brio walks into her dark life unexpected and shook it up. Ezzy is an unexpected delight, although fragile she is strong and a survivor.

I devoured this book just like i do with all of Jessica’s books. Her secondary characters as always where fantastic and made the story even better. I was not at all disappointed in Brio’s story and loved every minute reading their story. I can’t wait for the next in this series! Highly recommend.

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