Review: Plant: House plants: choosing, styling, caring by Gynelle Leon

Plant: House plants: choosing, styling, caring

Plant: House plants: choosing, styling, caring by Gynelle Leon

Plant is a stylish, practical, modern guide to the world of house plants
House plants can change a home in an instant. A flash of color, a calming influence, they are adaptable, affordable and – if you know how – easy to care for.
In Plant, horticultural expert and author of Prick, Gynelle Leon, gives you all the knowledge you need to help your plants thrive. Featuring:

plant gallery showcasing some of the very best house plants
A chapter of styling ideas to inspire you to show your plants and their best
care guide with all you need to know to help your plants thrive


5 Houseplant Stars

I picked this book up in the library and I was hoping for a bit of insight into certain plants that I have at home and what areas of the house they might do best in.

This book has beautiful pictures throughout the book with a good bit of information on what they need to thrive and to take care of them. Each name is written in the Latin name and also the common name it goes by. What I needed to know it what is best for low and high light areas within my house and this book gives all this information. It also gives nice plant display ideas and other cool ideas.

I highly recommend this book, it has something for every horticulture fan. It’s also beautiful with great photography and has a wonderful layout!

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