Review: Home Sweet Houseplant by Baylor Chapman

Home Sweet Houseplant: A Room-by-Room Guide to Plant Decor (Living with Plants) by Baylor Chapman

No matter what space you’re considering—from a kitchen window to a loft-size living room—this book, adapted from Decorating with Plants, will show you how to find the perfect plant for the perfect spot. Plant designer Baylor Chapman starts with the basics, including a guide for choosing and caring for your plants, then takes the reader room by room, offering unexpected design concepts and inspired projects to elevate your home. How about four ways to turn your dresser into a style statement—urban bohemian, feminine glamour, sleek contemporary, or natural beauty?


4 Houseplant Stars

This book is beautifully done and easy to follow. Home Sweet Houseplants teaches you about plants and where to position them in your home to make it look beautiful. I love to see plants throughout my home but sometimes I’m unsure what light a plant needs and some of the rooms in my home have low light. This book gave me some insights into what would work best in these areas.

If you love Houseplants and you aspire to have more within your home, this book will
hold your hand along the way.

I can’t wait to try these ideas! I highly recommend!

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