Review: Devil and the Deep (Deep Six #2) by Julie Ann Walker

Devil and the Deep (Deep Six, #2)

Devil and the Deep

(Deep Six #2)

by Julie Ann Walker

Cocktail parties, political fundraisers, and charity events are Maddy Powers’ way of life. But the daring man who appropriated her father’s yacht a couple of months ago is still out there, somewhere, and she wants to pay him back for the scorching kiss they shared.

Behind his suave smile and ladykiller eyes, Bran Palladino carries a dark secret that keeps him from pursuing Maddy… even though he can’t get her out of his head. But when Maddy is kidnapped as part of a grand scheme, it’s time to put up or shut up… because Bran can’t live without Maddy now.


3 Not too Deep Stars

Devil and the Deep is the second book in the Deep Six by Julie Ann Walker. Six retired Navy SEAL looking for long lost treasure and meeting their match along the way. After such a great start to the series, this second instalment lay flat for me. This is Bran’s book and he has a dark past that he hides from everyone. Maddy, well she just seemed dull, so annoying and I was very uninterested in her from the start.

“You sure you can do this?” he asked. “Does the Tin Man have a sheet-metal dick?”-Bran and Maddy

The suspense instalment was a bit all over the place, about 20% in its starts and feels like it goes on forever and then stops and doesn’t pick back up until towards the end.

Unfortunately this book missed the mark for me. Although it was enjoyable in parts it was very slow winded in others. What saved this book got me were Mason and Alex. I loved both Alex and Mason and their banter was very enjoyable and fun. If I was to read more in this series it would be there book. But this series is not on KU so it would put me off reading anymore in the actual series because of this.

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