Review: Cary (Henchmen MC: Next Generation, #5) by Jessica Gadziala

Cary (Henchmen MC: Next Generation, #5)


(Henchmen MC: Next Generation, #5)

by Jessica Gadziala


5 Zaddy Stars

Cary is the fifth book in the Henchmen MC – Next Generation series by Jessica Gadziala. I think we can all agree that we have all been looking forward to this book.  Cary – Zaddy has interested me from the start and I always wondered what way Jessica would go with him. I was not disappointed.

Abigail grew up in a religious cult and before she was old enough was married off. After her husband is done she is lost and decides to go on a mission to Mexico, were she falls into another not so great situation. She never seems to land on her feet. Although life has not been kind to her, she hasn’t lost her light or her sweetness; she’s still worries for others over herself.

Cary is an older MC member who is over the partying and treats his body like a temple. After years of being in prison and having his freedom taken away from him he is living his life. Until one day something he long forgot about lands at his door and turns his life upside done.

I loved that Cary was older, calmer and more in control. I loved this brother like relationship with Dezi, I can’t wait for his book!

Although there was a great storyline this book is not so full of action like previous books  but that’s ok. We still get the excitement and it’s also jammed packed with emotional feels for both of them. There were also some great secondary characters as always with Jessica’s books and made us want more from this series. I for one can’t wait for more in this series and to see where other characters go. Highly recommend this book and series.

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