Day 342 of 365 days of 2021

342/365 @heyestrid contacted me and asked me if I would like to try their product, after looking a little into it, I said hell yeah send it on. So they gifted me a starter pack to try out. They didn’t ask me to post or review but after seeing and using this product and reading about this amazing company I couldn’t not share it with my friends.

The choices are Blush (pastel pink), Cloud (light grey), Space (pastel lilac), Peach (pastel… peach) or Lemonade (pastel yellow). All very pretty, minimal colours, in keeping with their Scandi theme.They asked me what colour I wanted and I couldn’t decide so I got them to choose for me. They sent me Peach! I got two extra blades and a Wall mount.
The razor handle is smooth and sleek in design and feels a lot heavier and sturdier than other razors I’ve tried, which isn’t too hard as I usually just go for the cheap, plastic option and this handle is made out of steel.

They are cruelty-free and 100% vegan, using no animal byproducts in their shaving strips.I totally didn’t realise that razors were not cruelty-free! Estrid’s core belief is that shaving is a choice, whichever body part you want to shave and however often you want to shave it.

Estrid is an affordable and a quality razor with no gender-based discriminatory pricing. It has five sharp AF blades to get you the closest shave possible, Not only that but with every purchase Estrid makes a difference by donating to Women for Women international.

Yes, this company and razor really exceeded my expectations. I will be buying one for my sister and I will also pick up refills for myself. 

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