Review: Matched to the Mountain Man (Seeking Curves) by Frankie Love

Matched to the Mountain Man (Seeking Curves)

Matched to the Mountain Man (Seeking Curves) by Frankie Love

At the height of my career, I left the bullshit of the culinary world.
Best decision I ever made.
But hell, I miss the food. A chef at heart, sometimes I really crave a good meal. And after three years in the mountain, I’m damn near starved.
So when I hear about Perfect Pair– the hottest, most secretive dinner experience in LA, I must get a table.

Trouble is, the reservation requires an interview. A convincing display of perfection between two people.

I hire a matchmaker for one reason and one reason only: I need a dinner date that can pull off this meal.

When Story Cook arrives as my plus one, I’m sure this dating service is worth the hefty price tag. She’s a delight from head-to-toe.
Curvy, cute — and while I usually prefer savory to sweets – I want nothing more than to eat this cupcake.
Lick her, too.

But when Story hears about my little plan she’s pissed.
This isn’t a game to her. She doesn’t care about dinner.
This woman? She’s wants forever.
Me? I’m a mountain man who can’t commit.

How many courses does this prix fix meal have?
Someone’s got to change their mind if they want dessert.


4 Seeking Curves Stars

If you’re looking for a a short read to get you through a long week then this book is for you. This was surprisingly a great read for me. When I read the blurb I thought Truett would be unbearable and would wreck my head but he didn’t and I’d even go so far and say I liked him. Story

Story Cook has always wanted to be a baker and now that she has her dream she can’t help but think she’s missing something. She decides to spend some of her life savings to join Seeking Curves and she wants her forever man.

I really enjoyed their romance and their chemistry, they really went well together.

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