Review: Matched to the Movie Star (Seeking Curves) by Jordan Marie

Matched to the Movie Star (Seeking Curves) by [Jordan Marie]Matched to the Movie Star

(Seeking Curves)

by Jordan Marie

My life is great, except for one small thing.
I’m lonely.
Between working all the time and just life in general, dating is hard.

So, I decided to take a small shortcut.
I didn’t exactly know what to expect when I walked into Seeking Curves, a high-end matchmaking service for the somewhat fluffy.

Which is me, really—fluffy.
When they asked me what I wanted in a partner, I decided to give them my wish list.

He must have a job. (I’ve been hit on enough by the male passengers on the loser train.)
He must be cute—or at least have a good sense of humor.
And okay, I mean, let’s be real here—
He needs to be good in bed.
Don’t look at me like that. A woman has needs.

That should be easy, right?

Okay, I admit it. I wasn’t expecting this to work out either.
Color me surprised when I get matched with Travis.
He’s perfect—utterly, irresistibly perfect.

Someone this great must be an angel from heaven, right?
Either that or he’s hiding something…


5 Seeking Curves Stars

If you’re looking for a a short read to get you through a long week then this book is for you.
Matched to the Mafia is one of the books in the Seeking Curves series by Jenika Snow. Lee has everything in life, her own business and friends she loves but she doesn’t have the one thing that has always seems to be out of reach for her. A man to love and call her own. Her friend talks her into joining up with Seeking Curves and she decides to jump right into a blind date.

Travis is ready to get on with his carer after taking a much needed break. He arranges a meeting with his agent but when his agent is a no show he runs into Lee. She mistakes him for her date and something instead him just can’t come clean because then she might not want anything to do with him. He can’t chance that.

What’s a little lie if it leads to forever?

This is another super-hot addiction to the Seeking Curves series, another straight through read for me and highly recommend.

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