Review: Matched to the Mercenary (Seeking Curves) by Hope Ford

Matched to the Mercenary (Seeking Curves)

Matched to the Mercenary

(Seeking Curves)

by Hope Ford

She’s going to be mine.
She’s my friend’s little sister.
She should be off-limits.
But I never was one to follow the rules.

I was sent to protect her, but one look at her, and I want more.
She’s smart, beautiful, and curvy, and she consumes my every thought.
But I’m a mercenary.
I have enemies all over the world, and I travel more than I’m home.
I have plans to make.
Plans that include loving Jenna but also keeping my crew safe.
I just need time to put them in place.

But when I find out that MY woman has signed up with Seeking Curves, an exclusive matchmaking company that guarantees a match, I’m no longer playing.

Nothing else matters… Jenna means everything to me. I just hope she’s ready because she’s about to be matched to a mercenary.


4 Seeking Curves Stars

If you’re looking for a a short read to get you through a long week then this book is for you.

Matched to the Mercenary is one of the books in the Seeking Curves Novella series by Hope Ford. Jenna is so sick of her failing relationships and she always seems to fall for the wrong man. Her brother is overprotective and always seems to be going on one mission or another so she decides not to tell him about her latest failure but somehow he knows and sends his friend and colleague to protect her, Dylan walks into her coffee shop and helps save the day.

“You’d think I’d never dated a woman before and instantly I know. I may have dated before, but I’ve never felt this before. Not for another woman and definitely not to this extent.”

This was a sexy short read that had me hooked until the last page. It was short enough to read in one sitting and had all the feels.

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