Review: McCoy (Golden Glades Henchmen MC #3) by Jessica Gadziala

McCoy (Golden Glades Henchmen MC, #3)


(Golden Glades Henchmen MC #3)

by Jessica Gadziala

Shy never intended to get involved with a bunch of one-percent bikers. But when someone comes into her life, giving her an unthinkable ultimatum, she finds she is willing to do things she never would have thought possible to protect her family.
She didn’t expect to fail.

Or to be granted not only forgiveness, but help, from the best-looking man she’d ever seen.

She certainly didn’t think she would start falling for the standoffish, broody McCoy, yet there was no denying things were starting to take a turn for the serious between them.

But the threat facing all their lives came with many different faces, leaving them scrambling to find the enemy before it is was late, before it threatened to destroy everything and everyone they loved…


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McCoy is the third book in the Golden Glades Henchmen MC series by Jessica Gadziala. McCoy was one that I wasn’t really sure about but yet interested to see how his story would play out

Shy gets us off to a flying start from the very first chapter. She a person who has had to look out for her sister all her life and work hard being a nail tech to make her future dream of owning her own salon one day. Finding herself in a situation where she is so desperate she walks into a one-percent bikers club not knowing what to expect or what she may see.

McCoy has grown up in a life that was hard and not full of much love until he finds himself his own family through his brothers. This life is where he belongs and doesn’t really see anything past that. Until Shy falls into his life with a bang and everything changes, all of a sudden he can’t stop worrying about her and putting her needs before his own.

These two where perfect together and I loved McCoy in the end! Their chemistry from the start was crazy and they gravitated to one another without drama, while except the outside drama that brought them together that is. This booked is jammed packed full of action and keeps you on your toes throughout. As always the secondary characters where amazing and kept this book exciting throughout. Another great read from Jessica Gadziala and I hope we see more from this series soon.


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