Review: Fallon (Henchmen MC: Next Generation #3) by Jessica Gadziala

Fallon (Henchmen MC: Next Generation, #3)

Fallon (Henchmen MC: Next Generation #3)

by Jessica Gadziala

Presidents of rival MCs, Fallon and Danny were destined to hate each other. And hate they did. Until an unknown enemy forces them together, and makes them realize that under all that hate was an undeniable passion. One that could threaten not only the trust and respect of their clubs, but their very lives…


5 Rival Stars on Goodreads

Fallon is the third book in the Next Generation Henchmen series by Jessica Gadziala. I was unsure going into this book, I know a lot of fans where bitting a the bit for it but I wasn’t sure how it would work. Of course I shouldb’t have doubted Jessica, she did a great job with their story!

Fallon is trying to prove himself as the new President of the Henchmen and when a shooting takes place its not ideal that Danny, president of his rival MC is there and they must work together to out run the bullets, Deciding to work together to find out who is after them they develop a relationship neither is expecting.

I enjoyed Danny so much and was pleasently suprised with how well these two are together. Fallon is swoon worthy and also didn’t disappoint. As always with Jessica’s book the secondary characters are great and we are intorduced to even more with this book, more stories to look forward too. I highly recommend picking this book up and getting lost in the world of the Henchmen!


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