Review: Heart-On (Turf Wars #2) by Bella Jewel

Heart-On (Turf Wars #2)

Heart-On (Turf Wars #2) by Bella Jewel

Ramona knows pain and she wears it behind a perfectly made-up mask of laughter, sass and a personality that makes most men weak at the knees.
Emphasis on most men.
Because there happens to be one man her charm doesn’t work on…Adan.
Member of the gorgeous biker club who took over the garage next to her best friend Eve’s café. Oh, and there’s one more tiny little thing…he’s now her patient.
After suffering burns in a fire, Adan lost the ability to use not one, but both of his hands. Enter Ramona. Registered nurse on her first job since completing her degree. And of course she’s put with the gorgeous, grumpy, rough biker who wants nothing more than for her to leave him the hell alone.
But, alas, she simply cannot.
Stuck together, there is nothing Ramona can do…except her job.
The problem is Adan is making her job very difficult. Not only does he live like he’s running a brothel, but the man refuses to do anything she asks him. He’s irritated and barely speaks, and when he does speak, it’s usually to insult her.
Not going down without a fight, Ramona does everything she can to keep her spirits high, including tormenting the poor man at every chance she gets. She’ll get him to laugh before her time with him is over.
Adan will like her.
And she will complete this job with a glowing review.
Not matter the cost.
No matter the game.
He’ll get a Heart-On for her…and she’ll make damned sure of it.


4 Whiplash Stars

Heart-On is the second book in the Turf Wars Series by Bella Jewel. Adan has been burnt badly and hasn’t the use of his hands so he needs help. In walks help.. Ramona is Adan’s new nurse, he’s not going to make this easy and is full on rude and grumpy. But the chemistry between the two of them was of the charts.

I really loved Ramona, she was a breath of fresh air and a kick ass leading lady to booth! But Adan annoyed me so much at times and I just wanted to slap him! Adan keeps saying to Ramona she doesn’t do it for him and at times I felt so sorry for her, we also get her back story which is surprising to say the least.

Overall though this was another entertaining read from Bella Jewel and I really liked it. We get a load of excellent secondary characters very like the first in the series and I do love me a great secondary character, for me this makes a book great. Adan frustrated me at time but Ramona more then made up for it and I highly recommend this book.


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