Review: The Thrall (Seven Sins MC #3) by Jessica Gadziala

The Thrall (Seven Sins MC, #3)

The Thrall (Seven Sins MC #3)

by Jessica Gadziala

They took away my hopes, my dreams, my future. They took away daylight. When they were done with all of that, they took all I had left. The blood running through my veins.
And there was no way out.
Or so I thought.
Until a dirty-talking demon on a motorcycle grabbed me and ran.
Starting a war between ancient immortals.
Who would win?
Who would lose?
And would Drex and I be able to hold onto the connection growing between us?
I guess only time would tell…


5 The Thrall Stars

The Thrall is the third book in the Seven Sins MC series by Jessica Gadziala. I’m not gonna l was a little weary going into this as this is not my genre and vampires… eh! But I should have trusted Jessica because like the rest of the series this book was amazing!

Drex is the one who always tells it how it is and never gets attached so why when he sees Nova does he feel this pull to protect her! When he sees her being beaten within an inch of her life he has to step in even if it could cause a war between the vampires and the demons.

Nova is half dead and doesn’t feel the need to hold on too much longer. Although she freely gave herself to her master she didn’t give herself to his friend who is feeding on her and will kill her any day now. She’s just about given up when her night in shining biker rescues her.

This was such an epic story. I loved Drex and that was unexpected for me. In previous books he wasn’t too appealing but her certainly redeems himself in the Thrall. Tall, dark and dangerous, he will do anything to protect Nova, even if it means he may lose time and be in pain himself. I Loved every minute if this book and of course the secondary characters where amazing. We meet Arick in this book and yes I want more of him! Overall an excellent read and highly recommend.


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