Review: The Cleaner (Professionals #9) by Jessica Gadziala

The Cleaner (Professionals, #9)

The Cleaner

(Professionals #9)

by Jessica Gadziala

As the creator of her own true crime podcast, Poppy is on the case. Only this time, of a serial killer operating just under the radar in Navesink Bank. And nothing will get in her way. Except, maybe, a good-looking guy with tortured eyes, anxiety, and a cleaning compulsion.
She never could have guessed, though, that he was the very man she’d been tracking down for months…


5 Fed2Hogs Stars 

The Cleaner is the ninth book in the Professionals series by Jessica Gadziala. In the world of fixers Finn is called for the clean up. He is ex-military with PTSD and severe OCD, his demons leave him wanting things to be clean and in there place. This helps him keep them locked away.

Poppy is a strong, independent, true crime podcaster and she’s thinks there is a serial killer in Navesink Bank and she is going to catch him/her  She is a quirky take no prisoners kind of woman. She trust no one, so when Finn walks into her life and she instantly lets him in and trusts him she can’t figure out why.

“I think we all amplified our flaws as an excuse to why we were unlovable. ‘Sometimes your imperfections were what people loved most about you. Except open-mouthed chewers. No one loved that particular flaw,”

The Cleaner is  great addition to the Navesink Bank universe, I’ve been waiting for Finn’s story for a long time and it didn’t’ disappoint. We got some new faces and a lot of old, which for me make the stories and the books so enjoyable. We also get another kickass leading lady, full of quirkiness and sass! I highly recommend this read.


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