Review: The Woman in the Scope (Grassi Framily #2) by Jessica Gadziala

The Woman in the Scope (Grassi Family Book 2)

The Woman in the Scope

(Grassi Framily #2)

by Jessica Gadziala

I made a deal with a devil in a black suit.

Stuck in a life that had been nothing but misery, when I saw an opportunity to break free, I grabbed it with both hands.

That opportunity came in the form of Lucky Grassi—a capo in the New Jersey mafia, and the one man who could help me navigate the dangers of my plan.

I never planned for it to be anything more than a professional arrangement. One touch from him had me rethinking all my plans for my future. But there was still danger all around. There was no way to know if we would even live long enough to explore what was growing between us…


4 Sweet Addictive Stars 

The Woman in the Scope is the second book in the Grassi Framily series by Jessica Gadziala.

Lucky Grassi, like all Grassi men, is tall, dark, and deadly. But he is also has a protective and dominant vibe to him that I couldn’t get enough off. When When Lucky is asked by his Capo dei Capi to go to Chicago to do a job he never expects to meet the sweet Via and he certainly doesn’t expect to fall for her.

Via has lived a very sheltered and lonely life and after learning that her father world send her into a trap set for himself and has no regard for her life she needs to get out. She knew his day would come and should be prepared for it but it still scares her and she may not be able to save herself.

This is another great read from Jessica, her view into family and love is one of the reasons I keep coming back for more.  Her books have it all for me and this one was no different from her wonderful sexy, sweet leading ladies and crazy but addictive secondary characters, this has it all.

Although this is a standalone and can be read alone, if you haven’t already read Luca’s book, the first in this series entitled The Woman at the Docks then I wouldn’t highly recommend it.


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