Review: I Pucking Love You (The Copper Valley Thrusters #5) by Pippa Grant

I Pucking Love You (The Copper Valley Thrusters #5)

I Pucking Love You

(The Copper Valley Thrusters #5)

by Pippa Grant

A hockey/fake date/not-quite-a-virgin very wrong romantic comedy

You know those stories where an adorably misunderstood clumsy girl needs a fake date to a wedding so she asks her brother’s best friend and they accidentally fall in love?

I wish that was the kind of life I lead, but it’s not.

I don’t need a date to a wedding. I need a date to a funeral.
Clumsy sometimes fits, but then, that’s true for all of us, right? But adorable? No. Misunderstood? Nope again. I’m just your average girl, standing in front of a funeral invitation, asking it to be a winning lottery ticket instead.

And I don’t have a brother, or a best friend with a brother available, which means I’m stuck with Tyler Jaeger.

Sure, he’s a professional hockey player who also knows advanced calculus, but let’s say we’re not compatible and leave it at that. I should know. I am a matchmaker.

Not a very good one, but that’s beside the point.

I know a mismatch when I see one.

Still, Tyler’s what I’ve got, and I am not going to this funeral solo, so he’s what I’ll take.

After all—what could go wrong at a funeral?

I Pucking Love You is a hilariously wrong romantic comedy about the world’s worst matchmaker, a hockey player with a problem he doesn’t want to talk about, and an awkward date-of-convenience that everyone would prefer to forget. It comes complete with a cat working his way through his nine lives, all the sexy times, fish and chips, and a swoony happily-ever-after.


5 Pucking Quirky Stars 

I Pucking Love You is the fifth book in The Copper Valley Thrusters series by Pippa Grant.  Tyler Jaeger is a cranky hockey player and for some reason his junk has stopped working. It seems to have happened after a one night stand with Muffy Periwinkle in a bunny bar freezer.

A sexy matchmaking goddess of doom who can quote Dr. Who as easily as she can quote Schitt’s Creek, and who has the most gorgeous heart-shaped ass that I can’t get out of my brain, but that ship sailed back at the start of the season, and I don’t look back.

Don’t we? my junk asks.
Is it wrong to junk-punch yourself?

Muffy Periwinkle is a really bad matchmaker running her own company, Muff Matchers. She has a big problem she has to return to where she went to college to go to her best friend’s, Father’s funeral. She also has a big secret as to why she dropped out of medical school and no one can ever know. But to save face she needs to bring a hot date back with her. Surely then no one will be talking about her failure then!

Pippa has a way with words plan and simple. She can have someone laughing so hard one minute and then in tears the next. She really now how to get you hooked and not wanting to put the book down until your finished. This book was no different, I loved it. Muffy was a car crash you wanted to know and Tyler is a hockey player that respects woman, well he did grow up with a herd of sisters. I Found this book to be funny but also sexy, I loved all the quirkiness and as always the secondary characters where fun and made this book extra great.

Although this book is a standalone and can be read without reading the previous books in the series, I highly recommend reading them. They are jam packed with fun and laughter that is much needed in life.


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