Review: Wall (A Steel Bones Motorcycle Club Romance #4.5) by Cate C. Wells

Wall (Steel Bones Motorcycle Club, #4.5)


(A Steel Bones Motorcycle Club Romance #4.5)

by Cate C. Wells

What’s more dangerous than a second chance?


I want my wife back, but I lost the right to go after her one drunken night four years ago. She’s moved on, but I’m not going anywhere. I’m gonna be right here. And when she finally comes to me? I ain’t letting her go again.


John Wall wrecked my life, but I’ve put myself together again. I’m not the broken woman whose husband betrayed her. I can fight my own battles.

Then a favor for a friend backfires, and I run into more trouble than I can handle. I need backup, and John is still the biggest man I know. But he won’t help me for free. He wants something in return.

I thought I knew what tore us apart, but when I let John back in, I realize the past isn’t always how you remember. And second chances? They can heal you–or break you forever.

Wall is a 43,000-word novella set in the Steel Bones Motorcycle Club World. It takes place before the action of Charge and Nickel’s Story, and it can be read as a standalone. Wall is a second chance, redemption romance that deals with infidelity and pregnancy loss.

HEA guaranteed.


4 Wall Stars

Wall is a Novella within the Steel Bones Motorcycle Club world by Cate. C. Wells. This book is the whole reason I started this series. I was kinda disappointed it was a short one but it did not disappoint.

After Wall screws up royally and loses Mona he is determined to win her back. But can Mona forgive John for what he’s done when she needed him the most.

Mona has done very little except excel at her job in the 4 years since her life was blown up. Wall has joined a Motorcycle Club and got his life more or less together. He is good enough for Mona now? Well maybe not but he is determined to win her back and he will do what it takes to do that.

I miss him, though, and late at night or when I’ve had a glass of wine too many, I wish I’d kept something. A shirt or a baseball cap. I could burn it in a bonfire. Make a fresh start. Or so I could let myself be weak, just for a moment, and remind myself of how he smells.

It loses one star because it wasn’t a full length novel and could have gone more into developing the characters. I also would have loved to see Wall do more to win Mona back. But this book is full of emotional anguish and pain, it had a lot of feels and overall I really did enjoy and love it.


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