Review: Charge (A Steel Bones Motorcycle Club Romance #1) by Cate C. Wells

Charge (Steel Bones Motorcycle Club, #1)


(A Steel Bones Motorcycle Club Romance #1)

by Cate C. Wells

Sometimes the things you shouldn’t want are exactly what you need.


Life hasn’t been easy. I had my son Jimmy too young, and I want the world for him. But the world? It’s not cooperating. I’m fighting to stay afloat, and my family is waiting for me to fail. I don’t need to be crushing on the criminally hot biker next door. He’s a little too old for me, and he makes me want to take risks I can’t afford.


I used to be the fall guy. I took the heat for my club, and with my charm, my pretty face, and my ex—the MC’s lawyer—I mostly got away with it. But now the club’s gone legit—more or less—and I’m sittin’ on a porch, drinkin’ beers. And then a sweet little mama moves in next door.

She ain’t my type, and I don’t need to be messin’ with a single mom, but there’s something about Kayla and Jimmy. They’re both tough as hell, but on their own, this world will eat them alive.

And once they’re mine, I’m gonna have to figure out how to be a different kind of man…or Kayla and I both are gonna lose it all.

Charge is a 70,000-word motorcycle club romance. It’s the first book in the Steel Bones Motorcycle Club series, but it can be read as a standalone. This novel is intended for adult readers (18+) due to strong language, violence, possible triggers, and explicit intimate scenes.

No cheating. HEA guaranteed.


4 Charge Stars

Cate C Wells is a new author to me and I was delighted to charge right into this series and get to know this new MC.

Charge has paid his dues to his MC and now he just wants to get on with his job. He works hard and plays harder. After being dumped it’s time for him to play the field.

Kayla is out to prove that she is well capable to raise her son Jimmy without any help. She may be young but he is her world and she will do anything for him. So why is she so attracted to her new neighbour. He’s a big bad MC biker. She should be running the other way.

“Kayla?” I glance up, catch his eyes, and I’m stuck. They sparkle in the dark, and his lips are curled up in the corners, soft and so close. My breath stops, and my thighs clench together. I nod. “Don’t wreck my truck.”

But both seem to be drawn together. This was such an entertaining read and I can’t wait to read more in this series.


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