Review: Mister McHottie (Girl Band #1) by Pippa Grant 

Mister McHottie (Girl Band #1)

Mister McHottie

(Girl Band #1)

by Pippa Grant 

I’ve just bought the woman of my nightmares.
Technically, I bought the company she works for. Point is, she cost me my two best friends ten years ago. It’s payback time, and I’m going to make her life hell.
When I’m not banging her silly and myself stupid.
I need to get my head back in business, because getting off is great, but “He was a man who had sex, and lots of it, and in the worst locations, with the woman of his nightmares” isn’t the inscription I want on my tombstone.
Even if it’s true.

There are three things I hate:
Bratwurst in any form, my neighbors boinking loudly like farm animals at 3 AM, and Chase Jett.
Mostly I hate Chase Jett. It’s been ten years since he took my virginity—I’d make a bratwurst joke, but the unfortunate truth is that it would have to be a bratbest joke, and yes, it kills me to admit it—and now he’s not only a billionaire, he’s also my new boss.
Turns out our hate is mutual. And this kind of hate is horrifically twisted, filthy, and banging hot.
I just might have to hate him forever.

MISTER McHOTTIE is 45,000 gloriously hilarious, hot, sexy words that your mother warned you about, complete with an organic happy-ever-after (or seven), a Bratwurst Wagon, ill-advised office pranks, and no cheating or cliffhangers.


5 Bratwurst Stars

Mister McHottie is the first book in the Girl Band Series by Pippa Grant. Chase and Ambrosia have known each other for years, since they were children. Chase was the best friend the Berger twins. They were always playing pranks on one another and on Ambrosia.

Until one day a prank went too far, Ambrosia ends up in jail with a criminal record while she failed to enter her favourite university.
Chase on the other hand managed not to get caught, leaves Ambrosia alone to face the charges and goes on to be a billionaire.

Last time, Chase won. He got my cherry, he got my pride, and he got to see me tossed in the slammer. Now, his billions might stack the odds against me, but this is my home. My City. My job. And this time, victory will be mine.

Present day, Ambrosia is the social media manager for an organic grocery store called Crunchy. She loves her job and is really good at it. She has made amazing girlfriends that she loves and plays in a band with. Then Chase walks into her life once again, he bought the company she works for.

Six feet of pure sin stands wide-legged in the doorway. His smile is a lie, his smoky blue eyes a portal to self-destruction, the dimple in his chin twice the size needed to store what’s left of his conscience.

Ex-friends-now-enemies-to-lovers trope, their fights were hysterical and I lost count of the amount of laugh out loud moments within this book. Chase and Sia/Bro/Ambrosia had of the charts chemistry that had me hooked from the very first chapter. The secondary characters where hilarious and made this book go from good to brilliant. Highly recommend you give this books ago.


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