Review: Exes & Ho Ho Hos by Pippa Grant

Exes & Ho Ho Hos

Exes & Ho Ho Hos

by Pippa Grant

He’s been a very good boy this year…

Eight years ago, I let the woman I love walk away over canned cranberry sauce. And it was the worst mistake of my life.

So when she shows up to play Santa for my daughter’s preschool Christmas party, you’re damn right I’m going to try to get her back.

Except Kaitlyn Holly’s lost all of her Christmas cheer. Which means it’s my job to help her get it back. No matter what it takes.

Exes and Ho Ho Hos is a short, sexy, standalone Christmas romance told in alternating first person, complete with reindeer, a Santa brawl, and a little mishap on the most iconic skating rink in New York City. It stands alone and has a merrily ever after.


4 Santa’s a Girl Stars

Exes & Ho Ho Hos is a short, sweet, sexy Christmas story by Pippa Grant. Up to eight years ago Kaitlyn loved Christmas.. No she lived for Christmas. Her family own the largest Santa booking company in New York City. But then the love of her life Jake breaks her heart and her parents pass away just before Christmas, she has lost her Christmas spirit!

Some of my friends and family had found her cheerfulness annoying, but for ten beautiful months, I’d lived for it. She’d shown me the true meaning of happiness. Not that I’d been unhappy. I just hadn’t known I could be happier until I met her.

A chance encounter with Jake all these years later has her wondering why they ever broke up.

“Santa’s a girl!” Zoe shrieks. “I knew it! I knew a man couldn’t do all that Santa does!” Four years old, and she has the world figured out. I love that kid.

Funny, entertaining and sexy Christmas story with a single dad and a female Santa. What more could you want… A Special cameo by the Berger twins of course! 


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