Review: Guts & Glory: Steel (In the Shadows Security #5) by Jeanne St. James 

Guts & Glory: Steel (In the Shadows Security, #5)

Guts & Glory: Steel
(In the Shadows Security #5)
by Jeanne St. James 

“Strength is what we gain from the madness we survive.”

Former Marine Raider, Steel, has been handed a job from his boss to protect a woman in Boulder City, CO. The job should be easy-peasy. Babysit the woman until the police catch her stalker. Only he’s not expecting what a challenge he’s been handed.

Note: Steel is the fifth book of the Guts & Glory series, a six-book spin-off from my Dirty Angels MC series. While it’s recommended to read both series in order, each book can be read as a stand-alone. As with all my books, this has an HEA, no cliffhanger or cheating.


4 Kitty Kat Stars

Steel is the fifh book in the In The Shadows Security Series by Jeaanne St. James. Steel has been waiting for a good job to land in his lap. Things have been too quiet forhim recently. Little does he know whats about to come his way.

“Strength is what we gain from the madness we survive.”

Kat has put all her focus into becoming the best MMA competitor that she can. No stalker or no man will stop her from being the best. But Kat is like a female Steel, but can she let him in or see that they would be perfect for each other.

“Scars aren’t always visible, Kat, sometimes the ones you can’t see are the worst. Words can sometimes hurt more than actions.”

If you’ve read the previous books in ths series you know Steel can be hardheaded and a buig kerk at times this boiok is no different. If your looking for a great Alpha read then Steel is your man! Their back and forth banter was very entertaining and well woth a read.


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