Review: Pull You In (Rivers Brothers #3) by Jessica Gadziala

Pull You In (Rivers Brothers #3)

Pull You In

(Rivers Brothers #3)

by Jessica Gadziala

It was always supposed to be her little secret.
That she got lonely and desperate enough to call him on his phone sex line.
It was wrong, she knew, to keep calling, knowing who he was, but having him in the dark about who he was talking to.
She always planned to stop.
After the next call.
When their boss gets wind of what is going on, she hatches a plan. Convince them they have to attend a work retreat, then trap them in the woods together in the hopes that they work things out.
But nothing is ever that easy when feelings emerge and secrets are exposed…


4 For a Good Time Call… Stars

Pull You In is the third book in the Rivers Brothers Series by Jessica Gadziala. Kate is someone who likes to keep to the shadows. She doesn’t want people to see or notice her. She likes to do her work, go home and disappear into her books. a work retreat comes up and she talks herself into going. First time on a plane as an adult and away by herself she is determined to do this.

Rush is all kinds or right but all kids of wrong. Landed in an out of the way cabin and tapped with no power with Katie he beings to see things that he’s never seen before and he’s not quite sure what to do with this.

But when Kate’s big secret is revealed can Rush get past this!

I love the Rivers Brothers and love reading each and every one of their stories this book was no different. It had all the feels and I really enjoyed watching Kate come out of herself. Rush is a gentle soul and these two are perfect for each other. We see a lot of older characters from previous books and this was such a pleasure to read. I recommend giving Pull You In a read!


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