Review: Colson by Jessica Gadziala

Colson (The Henchmen MC, #20)

Colson (The Henchmen MC, #20)
by Jessica Gadziala

The club has known peace for so long.
Too long, it seemed.
And now the president is missing,
the supply chain is drying up,
and there are threats from within and out.
Colson should have had nothing else on his mind.
But then there she was.
The new neighbor.
A woman with her hands full of her own problems should have sent him running, but he just couldn’t seem to stay away.
As pressure mounts for the club, Colson finds himself facing choices he hoped to never make
and a woman he hopes to never let go of…


5 #WhereIsReign Stars

Colson is the (I can’t believe I’m gonna say this) 20th book in the Henchmen Series by Jessica Gadziala. I had been wondering for a while if and when we would get his story. I also wondered who Jessica would pair him up with. Eva is his perfect match.

Single dad Colson is completely different from most of the other Henchmen. He’s a single father to Jelly, a 12 year old teen girl who is growing up way too fast and his first priority is to make sure he makes it home to her at the end of each day.

Eva is a single Mam of Jacob who is a 14 year old teen that is obsessed with his uncle who is no good for him. Sneaking out at night and getting into no good. A good kid at heart but needs to wise up. Colson catches him sneaking out of the house and tries to do the right thing by him.

The attraction and heat between this pair was not only entertaining to read but just pure perfect. Eva and Colson were amazing together. We got to see and hear from a lot of old faces and this was just perfect. I love secondary characters and Jessica really knows how to do this well.

This was a gritty MC read with the Henchmen once again getting thrown into the deep of it. The twists and turns in this book kept me entertained to the last page. Highly recommend this book and series.


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