Review: Until Talon by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Until Talon (Until Her/Him #9)

Until Talon
(Until Her/Him #9)

by Aurora Rose Reynolds

When Mia Allenton’s sister calls, asking her for help after finding out her husband cheated, Mia packs up her life in Montana and moves to Tennessee to be there for her and her three girls. As Mia begins to settle in, a tornado comes through, bringing along with it Talon Mayson, a man determined to prove to her that good men do exist.

Talon knows he’s got his work cut out for him when it comes to earning Mia’s trust, but slowly her walls start to crumble, and they begin to build something beautiful. Unfortunately, someone from Talon’s past isn’t happy about him being back in Tennessee, and they’re willing to do anything to prevent him from ever being happy.

Is the Boom between Talon and Mia strong enough to weather the storm that’s coming?


5 “I Love Your Crazy” Stars

Until Talon is the ninth book in the “Until Series” by Aurora Rose Reynolds. Talon is a second generation Mayson and he is Nico and Sophie’s son. I will never get tired of the Boom!  I’m not largely into insta love but there are a couple of Authors that can do it perfectly and ARR is one of those Authors.

We women are always bending and breaking to take care of the people we love, and that isn’t always reciprocated.

Mia has never really trusted anyone because of her unhappy childhood. When her sister calls to tell her that her husband has cheated on her and left her and her kids. Mia Jumps in her car and leaves her life behind to get to her to help her out.

The minute Talon sees Mia he knows he has to do anything in his power to win her over. Circumstance throws them together, Mia has no choice but to learn to trust him.

“The men you’ve known have been idiots, babe. I won’t ever make it easy for you to walk away or allow you to push me away without a fight.”

This story is filled with warmth, and love. It had all the feels from start to finish. If you are looking for a sweet small town romance I highly recommend this book and although most would say you don’t need read this series from the start I would highly recommend that you do. It is fantastic and well worth the read.  


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