Review: Resonance of Stars by Anne Malcom

Resonance of Stars (Greenstone Security #5)

Resonance of Stars (Greenstone Security #5)

by Anne Malcom

I was a movie star.
I’d let the world convince me I was nothing more than that.
Until him…

Duke is employed to protect me. To make me disappear before I testify. Nothing more.

There aren’t many places in the world that someone like me can disappear to. Not when billions of people know my name. I’d worked hard to make it that way. To hide underneath layers of fame, beauty and wealth.

A ranch in Montana offers escape. Safety. But those Montana skies don’t let me hide. Not from myself.

Not from the truth.

I’m no longer a movie star.
I’m a witness. I’m a job. I’m a woman slowly falling in love with a man that despises me.

He’s tasked to protect my life, instead he ruins my soul.


5 Epic Stars

Resonance of Stars by Anne Malcom is the 5th book in the Greenstone Security Series. I read it in one sitting and had a hell of a book hangover the next morning. This really is Anne at her best and I really did devour it. It is will definitly be in my top 5 books read this year for sure.

We have Anastasia the hard as nails Actress who comes accross as unfeeling and cold. Then there is Duke the bodyguard who wants nothing to do with this icequeen but he’s body can’t help but react to her whenever she is near.

This story was amazing. Ana really easn’t as cut and dry as she appears and Duke soon realises this. The spark and pull between these two was off the charts and as your reading through the book you can’t help but cheer for them to get the HEA.

The secondary characters as per with Anne’s books where amazing and this always makes a book extra great for me. I highly recommend Resonance of Stars, it is a must read from me!


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