Review: Craving Cecilia (The Aces’ Sons #6) by Nicole Jacquelyn

Craving Cecilia (The Aces' Sons, #6)

Craving Cecilia (The Aces’ Sons #6)

by Nicole Jacquelyn

When Cecilia Butler’s well-ordered life explodes into chaos, she has no choice but to reach out to the family and friends she’d left behind years earlier—the Aces Motorcycle Club.

A single call to the Aces sets off a chain of events that completely changes the course of her life, forcing Cecilia to finally confront the ghosts that she’d spent most of her adult life running from…

Including the love of her life.

Welcome home, CeeCee.


5 Crazy Stars 

Craving Cecilia is the sixth book in the The Aces’ Sons Series. I have loved every book in the series so far. To be honest Nicole Jacquelyn can do no wrong in my book.

Cecilia is a character that over the years has been made out to be worse then what she actaully is in my opinion. I never expected to love Cecilia  and that she would become one of my favorite characters but it happened!

When CeeCee finds herself in a spot of bother she calls her Dad for help. She never expects Mark to show up. He is the last person she thought she would see again.

The amount of family drama in this book, WOW!  A lot of past bitterness, misunderstandings and resentments. Issues that where buried in the sand for years, came to light.

The secondarty characters in this book were so amazing. I’m a sucker for the this and its makes a book so good for me. I absolutely loved Mark’s team and I really hope they get their own spin-off.

I loved this book, this is my favorite book in the Aces’ Sons series, Cecilia proved to never judge a book by its cover. She was strong, independent and brave and it had a little of everything that sent you on a emotional rollercoaster of sorts.


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