Review: The Woman in the Trunk by Jessica Gadziala

The Woman in the Trunk

The Woman in the Trunk by Jessica Gadziala

— A standalone mafia romance —

I couldn’t stop my father from getting involved with the mafia.
When I was kidnapped and held as collateral for his debt, a lifetime of cleaning up his messes told me I couldn’t count on his help, either.
I would need to save myself.

A woman could only be pushed so far.
And I was finished with being a victim.

There was one problem.
Lorenzo Costa.
Underboss to the most powerful don of NYC’s Five Families.
And far too sinful for his – or my – own good.

Our attraction grows in a city of old resentments,
boiling tensions,
resurfacing ghosts,
and a shift in power that threatens to spill more blood than the families have seen in generations.
Lives would be lost.
Loyalties would be tested,
And through it all I wondered,
would Lorenzo’s and my new bond weather the coming storm?
Or if we would survive at all…


5 Hellcat Stars

The Woman in the Trunk is Jessica Gadziala’s second Mafia book, although they are not a series of books and they can all be read as standalone.

This popped into my email yesterday and as soon as I got home I dived into it. I was so looking forward to Lorenzo and his story. To be honest I’m generally not a big fan of Mafia books but as soon as I finished The Girl at the Docks I knew I needed more of these Characters ASAP!

Giana is struggling to keep her family business afloat. However no matter how many hours she spent working and keeping the doors opening seems to be useless because her father owes the mafia so much money and she can’t keep up. Taking the weekend down the coast for a few days of rest ends up being the worst decision of her life…

Lorenzo is second in command and is out to prove to his father he is worthy. But no matter how much he does it doesn’t seem to be enough. Taking on a job to kidnap a girl is something he thought they never did but to question his father would make things worse for him and maybe even the girl so he does it.

Then he meets Gigi and things are nonstop from there. This book had me from the first chapter and I read it in one sitting. Something I don’t normally have time for but I wasn’t letting this book down.  Watching Giana’s growth from the beginning to end and how she turns into this badass woman taking no prisoners was so much fun. I truly loved it. There was so many new characters that we were introduced to and I can’t wait to see where this mafia world goes.


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