Review: Hooking Him (How to Catch an Alpha #3) by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Hooking Him (How to Catch an Alpha, #3)

Hooking Him

(How to Catch an Alpha #3)

by Aurora Rose Reynolds

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Aurora Rose Reynolds comes the sizzling final installment to the humorous and heart-filled How to Catch an Alpha series.

Anna McAlister needs a new life. But that doesn’t mean she needs a new man. After leaving her fiancé and Chicago behind, she promises herself no dating until she finds what she’s looking for. But meeting one seriously hot and determined detective has her questioning herself.

Calvin Miller is that detective, and he’s been burned by women in the past. It’s easy for him to sleep alone and focus on his work, but the moment he lays eyes on Anna, he starts imagining sexy nights with her wrapped in his sheets. Maybe it’s time to get back out there.

But just as the attraction between them begins to sizzle, Anna’s past shows up to create trouble. And to make matters worse, a string of murders forces Calvin to juggle his new relationship and his career. His worst fear? That the two are somehow connected.

Can they find love together, or will her past and his duty sink their hopes?


4 Hooking Him Stars

Hooking Him is the third book in Aurora Rose Reynolds, How to Catch an Alpha series. It is a stand alone and can be read alone.

“You, my beautiful girl, have a warrior’s soul, and today you proved you’re not just willing to take risks to benefit yourself. You’re willing to take risks to help others, and that is true bravery.”

Anna is strong woman who finally has has enough of her old life. She wants more in life then social parties and to worry about what people think of her. She moves to a small town and starts working in a bakery. The simple life suit her down to the ground and she start making some amazing friends which she didn’t really have before. Not interested or even thinking of men, one falls into her lap.

“If you take one lesson from today, let it be that you should live every single day of your life like it’s your last. Drink when you want, laugh until your soul is full, open yourself up to falling in love, spend time with people who are important, and enjoy every moment, even the scary ones.”

 Calvin Miller just wants to keep his small town safe from crime and make sure his loved ones are happy.  He didn’t anticipate falling hook, line and sinker for the new woman in town. Juggling his career and love is hard and it has burned him in the past.

Hooking Him is an instant love and connection between Anna and Calvin. It was a lovely quick read that was perfect to get away from it all for a bit and I couldn’t put it down.




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