Day 144 of 366 days of 2020

144/366 I’m really trying to do my part for the environment and one of the ways is not using wipes or cotton pads when I remove my make up.
These microfiber cloths are from @primark and are advertised for the kitchen but I use them for my face and there amazing and only €2 a pack.. Bargain!!
I picked up the black makeup remover pads from @aldi_ireland recently and they have some great eco beauty products.
I got the wipe out cloth in a beauty box recently. It’s from @magnitonelondon and I’m excited to try it.
The little pink pads I got from a beauty box last year and I for the love cannot remember where they are from but I love them.
Do you use any of these products? Or have you found something you love to use and want to share?
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