Review: The Negotiator (Professionals #7) by Jessica Gadziala

The Negotiator (Professionals, #7)

The Negotiator

(Professionals #7)

by Jessica Gadziala

After weeks of nonstop work, all she wanted was to sleep in her own bed for a change.
Instead, she found herself trapped in paradise against her will, working a job without the security of her team there to back her up.
She was determined to resent every moment of it, but it wasn’t long before she realized Greece had something that she didn’t have back home.
A man like Christopher Adamos in her bed.


 5 Greek Goddess Stars

The Negotiator is the seventh book in Jessica Gadziala’s Professionals Series. I think this is probably one of my favourite series from Jessica.

Miller wakes up on a yacht in the clear blue water not having any memory of how she got there. She knows one thing it must have something to do with Bellamy. Not being the first time this has happened to her. But it turns out there is a good reason for it this time. 

Christopher is a  dark, handsome and brooding Greek God who has a job  for her. He wants to pay her to negotiate in getting his little brother back. 

“And in that mirror, I couldn’t help but see the two of us reflected. I also couldn’t help but notice that we made a pretty good picture. Him a bit more than me because, let’s face it, the man literally rolled out of bed and committed homicide while looking like a friggen Gucci model.”

This book was great, although it was a little slow at times it still had everything in it that marked all my boxes. It was great seeing Fenway and Bellamy again, I’m Looking forward to both of their stories!!

This was another excellent read and no matter the series, Jessica Gadziala never fails to wrap everything up in a perfect epilogue!


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