Review: Pike (The Pawn Duet #1) by T.M. Frazier

Pike (The Pawn Duet, #1)


(The Pawn Duet #1)

by T.M. Frazier

**A King Series Spin-Off**

Born into chaos. Baptized in the gutter.
I was raised by the violent laws of the streets, spilling blood without the hindrance of useless emotions or connections.
Unfeeling. Unloved. Alone.

My life was perfect.

Until her.

While on a manhunt for a mysterious enemy, one hellbent on taking both my business and my life, I find Mickey. She’s covered in mud, rambling nonsense, and clearly out of her mind.

She’s also a distraction I don’t need.

That is until I discover a connection between the girl and my enemy.
Mickey isn’t a distraction anymore.
She’s the perfect weapon.
One I’ll use to exact my revenge.

The plan is an easy one, but there’s something about Mickey that’s making it more and more difficult.
A familiarity I can’t place. A need I can’t explain.
A want I have to deny.

After all, she’s not mine to keep. She’s a tool. My pawn.
My sacrifice.


5 Pawn Stars

Pike is the latest installment in Logan’s Beach and is the first in The Pawn Duet Series. I never get tired of visiting Logan’s Beach and reading TM Frazier’s stories. Her heroes are  bad-asses and her heroines can always hold their own and fight right back.

Pike and Mickey’s story is no different. Pike is by no means a good guy. He is trying to make something more of himself and he is deep within the criminal world of Hogan’s beach, doing this. He knows exactly who he is.

Mickey is a survivor and fighter and will not give up. I liked both Mickey and Pike. I found their story intriguing and couldn’t get enough. The way their lives get entwined. Is it faith or is it just damn bad luck…

“Love is messy, bloody, and ignorant.
Hatred is born in the absence of love’s false promises. An evolution of man.
Hate is easy. Pure in its simplicity. It doesn’t disappoint or lead astray.
There are no false promises, no fog clouding what’s waiting at the bottom of the cliff.”

Waiting with bated breath for the next book!


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