Day 81 of 366 days of 2020

81/366 I’m kinda cheating today, this is a pic my sister took of her flowers I had sent to her and I also had them sent to my Mam as well. I ordered them locally from @newlandshomeandgardencentre and they did in fairness to them do a great job.
Right now there is so much going on but tomorrow is Mothers day and although I like to look after all the wonderful mothers in my family, it’s a really hard day for me. Multiple rounds of IVF’s and a miscarriage in the last 3 years makes it this way.
After cleaning my upstairs to within a inch of its life today to take my mind of it I’ve now sat down and it’s all come rushing back. I know I have a wonderful life, a husband who loves me unconditionally and an amazing family and friends but sometimes it’s ok to feel sorry for yourself. To feel like there is,something missing. To feel let down by life which at the moment in fairness is not hard to feel. To all the wonderful Mammy’s out there, your amazing and I’m in awe of you. To all the woman out there who suffer from infertility you’ll be in my thoughts all day tomorrow. You are warriors!
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