Day 75 of 366 days of 2020

75/366 Well I tell ya I’ve never done so much cleaning in one day as I’ve done today even the car got hit up with some antibacterial cleaning. My neighbour also dropped this to my door today. A baby AloeVera. I had one in our old place but it was too big to bring with us. I’m also loving the look of our garden which is starting to look half decent. Trying to keep myself busy because the anxiety I’ve been feeling the last few days has been bad and when I’m busy doing things it keeps it at bay to a manageable level. #besafe


#day75 #aloevera #flowers #gardens #cleaning #anxiety #management #366daysofpictures #366daysof2020 #elles366daysof2020 #leapyear #ayearofpictures #photography #lifeinpictures #mylife #pictureoftheday


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