Review: For Love or Money by Clodagh Murphy

For Love or Money

by Clodagh Murphy

Lesley has always fancied herself as a bit of an amateur sleuth, a sort of modern day Miss Marple without the support stockings.

So when Al wants her to investigate Stella – the young woman who’s just got engaged to his wealthy, elderly uncle – she jumps at the chance. It doesn’t hurt that the job will involve posing as Al’s girlfriend and joining his glitzy, star-studded family on holiday in Nice.

Stella is dismayed to find herself engaged to legendary actor Sir Peter Bradshaw. She accepted what she thought was a deathbed proposal. Now she has a living, breathing fiancé and a wedding to plan.

First, though, she has to get through a holiday in the South of France with Peter’s extended family – including his ex-wife, and his two sons, who don’t seem keen on the idea of having a stepmother their own age.

Lesley befriends Stella over shopping trips and bottles of rosé, but the more she discovers about her, the more of an enigma she seems. She may not be the gold-digger Al’s family suspect, but she’s definitely hiding something.

And while Stella welcomes the ties of family and friendship, she wonders how close she can allow other people to get without risking the life she’s worked so hard to create.


5 Hilarious Stars on Goodreads

For Love or Money is the latest novel by Clodagh Murphy’s and I’ve been so looking forward to reading it. Lesley is single and decides to give a single’s dinner ago. With not much hope in meeting the “One” she goes anyway for a laugh. Thinking it would be fine to create a whole new persona for herself, fancying herself as a bit of a modern day Agatha Christie she tells everyone she’s a private investigator.

Clodagh Murphy, a Dublin born author, has done it again with For Love or Money, this is a roll-coaster ride of emotions. Her laugh-out-load moments within this book had me on the edge of my seat wanting more. Lesley and her bluntness and humour is what immediately had me hooked on this book from the first chapter.

For Love or Money is a perfect read for that precious down time to relax and lose yourself for a few hours. A very likable heroine and characters will have you in fits of laughter one minute and in tears the next. This book has it all and I highly recommend it.



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